GES Integrated Solar PV

Eco Greenenergy Solutions installed integrated Solar PV roof system to new built, or any roof extension, if your thinking of having your hame improvement and wants to reduce your energy bills, We can installed integrated Solar PV roof system of any solar panels to save you loads on you roofing, whiles saving even more on your energy bills.

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Groupe Solution Energie designs and manufactures an integration system for framed photovoltaic panels that is simple, lightweight, watertight and inexpensive.

Photovoltaic modules can be installed in all roof types.
Modules can be installed on 12° to 50° pitch.
Compatible with virtually all photovoltaic panels on the market.
Portrait or landscape format installation.
Meets the CEIAB 2012 standard, MCS012 Certification, and T4-Broof standards
Certified by the CSTB , Alps Controls , SMABTP and BBA.
Certified fire classification B- Roof T1, T3 and T4.
Integration and watertightness come from installing the steel trough with a fixing system on high point. GSE Integration allows Photovoltaic modules to be fitted to any roof cover (Roman, interlocking or flat tiles, slate or steel troughs) on new and renovated buildings.

The kit can be installed in portrait or landscape format on both small installations (less than 3 kWp) and large ones (several hundred kWp). The GSE Integration system can be fitted to wooden or metal structures from 12° to 50° pitch.

Depending on panel size and thickness, virtually all photovoltaic panels on the market can be installed using the GSE INTEGRATION kit.