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Eco Greenenergy Solutions are proud partners with Grant, the leading brand for heating solutions. Our expert team quote, supply and fit Grants heating solutions for both domestic and commercial use. If you would like a free quote speak to the team today.

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The Aerona³ R32 air source heat pumps are Grant’s greenest and most efficient generation of heat pump technology.

Compact in size and highly efficient, the Aerona³ heat pumps provide homeowners with a renewable solution to fulfil their heating and hot water requirements.


The DuoWave range of mains pressure hot water cylinders were developed to meet the growing demand for systems that combine a renewable heat source with a standard oil, gas or electric boiler.

They are particularly suitable for use with solar hot water systems like Grant Solar Thermal. When correctly installed, this arrangement can significantly reduce the dependence on traditional fossil fuels resulting in lower energy bills.

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Benifits of selecting Grant Uk

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The Aerona3 R32 range

Consisting of four single phase models – 6kW, 10kW, 13kW and 17kW – the Aerona³ R32 heat pumps provide heating and hot water for properties. Each unit operates at high efficiencies even when the external temperatures are low, making for a cost-effective renewable alternative to traditional off-gas heating methods. Furthermore, the Aerona³ heat pumps have minimal impact on their surroundings being compact in size and quiet in operation with both the 13kW and 17kW models being awarded the Quiet Mark.

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SCOP & the RHI

The efficiency of an air source heat pump is measured using ‘SCOP’ which stands for Seasonal Coefficient of Performance. The SCOP value is produced by calculating the overall performance of a heat pump during a particular heating season (warm, average or cold) and then dividing this by the annual energy consumed to run the heat pump.

For example, the Grant Aerona³ R32 6kW model produces 6kW at a SCOP of 4.62 when tested at a low temperature and in average climate conditions. This means, for every kilowatt of energy used to run the heat pump,  over 4kW of energy is being given to the heating system in return.

In summary, the higher the SCOP, the more efficient the heat pump. The Aerona³ R32 range is Grant’s most efficient generation of air source heat pumps with excellent SCOPs across all four models. While the SCOP values can reduce slightly when the outdoor air temperature gets colder, homeowners who choose a Grant Aerona³ heat pump can be assured that their heating system is working as efficiently as it can all year round.

A heat pump with a high SCOP value can not only help lower household energy and heating bills but it can also equate to other financial rewards through the Government’s Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive. Through the RHI, households who install eligible renewable heating systems (such as a Grant air source heat pump) can receive quarterly payments for seven years as long as they adhere to the Scheme’s rules.

RHI payments, which aim to encourage homeowners to install greener, more sustainable heating technologies, are calculated based upon the heat demand of the property, the amount of energy consumed by the heat pump and multiplying the renewable proportion of the heat demand by the RHI tariff.

The diagram below provides an example of two RHI calculations and it shows how a heat pump with a higher SCOP value can deliver greater financial rewards through the RHI Scheme.

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About Grants:

The Company – Designing and manufacturing reliable heating products for nearly four decades

From award winning oil-fired condensing boilers to the latest renewable products, our heating systems have a reputation for quality that is second to none.

Our belief in straightforward solutions guarantees that, while our technology is sophisticated, our heating appliances are low maintenance and simple to install.

Grant manufacture heating systems that respond to the challenges of rising fuel costs whilst protecting our environment. This ecological responsibility is central to all that Grant do and we will continue to innovate the most efficient products that make best use of our natural resources. We are passionate about developing sustainable, high-performance and affordable alternatives for heating homes into the future.



The Builders’ Merchants Awards are taking place virtually on 14th May 2021 and Grant UK is proud to be sponsoring one of the categories for ‘Heating and Plumbing Merchant of the Year’.

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Grant has been designing and manufacturing reliable heating products for nearly four decades. From award winning oil-fired condensing boilers to the latest renewable products, our heating systems have a reputation for quality that is second to none.

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