Freephone: 0800 1114 805

Freephone: 0800 1114 805

GROWATT 3000 MTL inverter


Growatt 3000 MTL can receive two input strings and produce for one phase.

Growatt MTL inverters are grid-connected inverters that convert direct current (DC side) produced by solar cells into alternating current (AC side) and feed it into the utility grid.

The MTL series of Growatt inverters is connected to one phase, an ideal choice for maximalists for detached houses where quick payback is important.
The favorable price includes an even higher efficiency of 97.5%. The MTL series includes two operating point circuits, so the installed solar panels can be placed in two separate orientations. Thanks to its string-level monitoring, the production of strings is comparable in the case of placement in the same orientation, so that production anomalies are immediately revealed.

The inverters of the Growatt MTL series are multi-string inverters equipped with a multi-MPP trekker, so they are suitable for receiving and connecting various solar cell strings.

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