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Freephone: 0800 1114 805



Gse Intégration offers a fast solution for placing a solar system on the roof: the GSE ON-ROOF SYSTEM. With excellent mechanical resistance, this solar roof system is compatible with all traditional framed panels and all roofing products on the market (tiles, slate, shingle).

A revolutionary method developed so you can safely install the system while protecting the roofing.

This installation system prevents rainwater seeping through the tiles, and only 4 main parts are needed: hooks, rails, stirrups, screws.

Ideal for professionals who want to simplify and optimize their installation work.

  • 3 sizes of hook: 100% airtight assembly that can be height-adjusted.
  • All strain transmitted directly to the rafters.
  • Roofing angle: identical to manufacturer recommendations for the roofing.
  • Hook compatible with all snow and wind zones and up to the coast (France – regulation NV65 / Eurocode 8, order of 22/10/10, as modified).
  • Covering and interlocking respected.
  • Complies with regulations for respecting the technical documentation.

Simple and reinforced kits designed to be installed anywhere in the world easily, with optimum results.

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