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Freephone: 0800 1114 805

LG THERMA V New Split – High Temperature


THERMA V Split High Temperature provides hot water up to 80˚C degrees. It is suitable for houses which have poor insulation or existing old radiator. It could also be used to meet sanitary water regulation which needs high water temperature. THERMA V Split High Temperature can be replaced with boiler system easily.

Heat generated by the outdoor unit via heat exchange with external air is transferred to the indoor unit to provide heating and hot water.

Through 2 cycles of refrigerant circuit, Cascade technology can produce hot water up to 80˚C.

Water outflow temperature will follow outdoor temperature automatically with Weather Dependent Operation. If outdoor temperature decreases, heating capacity for the house will increase automatically in order to keep same room temperature.

Even in case of sudden product error, THERMA V continues ongoing heat production until proper service takes place. In case of minor error which is mainly caused by sensor malfunctioning, heat pump cycle is forced to operate. For major errors caused by defects in cycle parts, electric heater runs to maintain heating operation.
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