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Freephone: 0800 1114 805

Satellite-Based Performance Ratio with SolarEdge Monitoring


A PV system’s performance ratio (PR) is the ratio between actual production of a PV system and received solar irradiation on-site, and is used to evaluate system quality.

A common way to measure received solar irradiation is to deploy environmental sensors at the PV site. The downside of using sensors to measure received solar irradiation is that sensors require installation, calibration, and maintenance, all at a cost to the system owner. Sensors have a short warranty period and need to be replaced over the course of a PV system’s lifetime.

SolarEdge has teamed up with Solargis, a solar energy assessment service, to provide Satellite-Based PR for commercial PV systems (15kWp and above), offering reliable, easily viewable data via the SolarEdge monitoring platform for just pennies.