Freephone: 0800 1114 805

Freephone: 0800 1114 805

Shine Vision


ShineVision, which consists of a performance monitoring device and a transmitter, is capable of operating in 6 different monitoring modes. The transmitter receives and converts real-time data from the inverters and displays it on the screen of the power monitoring device. It does this until it receives data on the energy currently produced and the total energy produced so far, and then, after a few simple calculations, also provides data on the revenue generated. The display also shows the 3-phase AC voltage, the two-way DC voltage, the internal temperature, the date and time, and the CO 2 emissions.

Informative, beautiful, easy to use Shine Vision communicates wirelessly with the inverter. It is not simply a sexy design, but an innovative control tool for the solar system.

Key data can be viewed on the display, such as daily monthly total power yield and income. DC / AC voltages, energy produced in Euros in dollars and pounds. Temperature time as well as irradiation levels are all available in this mobile phone sized device. The device can be updated, the data is stored.

Shine Vision is able to sound an alert for possible operating disturbances.

Radio frequency wireless operation.
– Up to home inverter simultaneous control with a single device.
– Easy installation. It can be placed freely indoors under the control of the radio.
– Easy to understand display at the touch of a button: real-time power, three-phase AC voltage, PV voltage, daily, monthly and total power yield and income, temperature, light intensity, date and time.
– Data archiving automatically and continuously for high security.
– Sound alarm in case of error events.
– Low power consumption, can be operated from mains and battery.