Freephone: 0800 1114 805

Freephone: 0800 1114 805

Sonnen ECO 8.3/Pro 2.0 Three Phase Battery Storage Controller (not G99)



Sonnen’s neat AC coupled 3ph offering.

Controller only. Price includes delivery from Germany (10 day lead time)

Important Note – this system will need a separate G99 relay (not included).
Guarantee: 10 years
Storage capacity: 5 kWh – 15 kWh (expandable in steps of 2.5 kWh post installation)
Lifespan: 10,000 charge cycles

The software upgrade allows three single phase Sonnen battery controllers to communicate, allowing the three phases to be balanced.

This is usually installed if the loads are balanced at the installation site. If the loads are not balanced then there is no need to have the three charging and discharging in sync and you can have each phase working independently.

Note this is for the software upgrade only. The battery controllers and batteries need to be purchased separately. See our Sonnen kits.