Freephone: 0800 1114 805

Freephone: 0800 1114 805

SunTech Ultra X Series


Based on 210 mm large format silicon wafer and PERC monocrystalline cell, increase light receiving area by 80.5% compared with 156mm cell, the conversion efficiency is greatly improved.

With Suntech’s non-destructive cutting technology, avoid the damage of cutting surface, realize the optimal three slices design, and reduce the current loss and the risk of hot spot.

With multi-busbar technology, the transverse propagation path of the current decreases by 50%, reduce resistance loss effectively, realize the maximum power output, meanwhile, and assure the reliability of the module.

Suntech adopts high-density packaging technology on Ultra X module, which can shorten distance between the cells and decrease the invalid power generation area greatly, and improves the energy density of the module.

The upgraded high efficiency welding strip, lead to more second time refection of oblique light, increase the power generation by 1.57%.

Suntech has particularly optimized structure design, with exclusive patent, module weighs 26.9 KG,It has super mechanical load capacity and the load can reach up to +5400/-2400 Pa,the maximum deformation is reduced by 37%, then avoid the risk of micro crack loss.

The bifacial layout brings great power, the power generation on the back side brings more gains, and the maximum generation gain is up to 25%.

This module has excellent weak light performance, and is compatible with the transparent backsheet, has the same weight with the traditional module, and can work with the tracing bracket, reduce LCOE effectively.

The innovative user- friendly design, the weight of the module suits the transportation standard, reduces the labor cost of installation by 15%.

The module size is fully optimized, maximum matches the container size, the transportation cost is reduced by 5% compared with the traditional module.

Fully compatible with mainstream system design, matches the terminal well, and the EPC cost can be saved by more than 1.2%. Saves 4% cost of land, reduce BOS cost by 8 cent/W, realizes lower LCOE and improves the project yield.