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Freephone: 0800 1114 805

Solar iBoost+ Supplier & Installer London & Home Counties.

The Solar iBoost+ is a device that enables you to use more of the free energy produced by your solar PV system, reducing your energy bills even further by heating water for free.

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Solar iboost plus

How Does the Solar iBoost+ Work?

Most domestic solar PV systems will generate more energy during the day than is used. This surplus energy is usually sent to the National Grid automatically so you may not even be aware that it’s going on. The Solar iBoost+ interrupts this process, enabling you to use more of your free solar energy while you have it and reducing the amount you need to buy.

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Real Time Savings

The Solar iBoost+ will clearly display when it is using your solar energy to heat water. You can view current and historical energy savings including Saved Today, Saved Yesterday, Saved 7 Days, Saved 28 Days and Total Saved.

Scheduling 5/2 days, Summertime / Wintertime
Immersion Heater Compatibility Will connect to up to 2 3kW immersion heaters
Available Languages English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese & Spanish
Weight 1.37kg (1.95kg packaged)
Dimensions 288 x 255 x 100mm
Warranty 2 years
Power Consumption 1-3W
Boost Function Push Button (15 minute increments up to 2 hours)
Mounting Center hook with 2 x bottom screws, cable entry points rear & underside.
User Controls Backlit 32 Character LCD display with push buttons for programming
Everyone with solar panels and an immersion heater should have one. No hesitation!

Excellent value. Even diverts some power from our solar panels in December! Have great hopes for July. Very straightforward to install.

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