Our Services

Service & Maintenance.

Eco Greenenergy Solutions provide a range of service and maintenance which will ensure that your solar PV system is working efficiently and is operating at maximum production, regular maintenance will also extend the life of your system.

Annual maintenance visits consist of:

  • Visual inspection of the roof mounting fixings.
  • Visual inspection of the mounting rail.
  • Visual inspection of the modules, DC wiring and connections.
  • Visual inspection of the inverter, DC wiring and connections.
  • Clean modules.
  • Carry out functional testing of the inverter.
  • Clean any dust or debris from the inverter fan unit or air vent.
  • Carry out functional testing of the AC & DC isolators.
  • Test the array voltage (Voc).
  • Test the array ampage (Isc).
  • Test the array polarity.
  • Test the earth continuity.
  • Test the array insulation.
  • Check the actual kW/hr production with the predicted SAP calculated kWhrs.

All servicing and repairs are carried out by qualified operatives. At EGE Solutions we are able to carry out all relevant tests and inspections which will predetermine if repairs are required, this will minimise any unplanned downtime of your system and reduce the loss of production and revenue, therefore offering you peace of mind.

Whether you are moving house and want to take your panels with you, or simply need to make repairs to your roof, we can remove your panels and store them safely. Our qualified operatives will carry out all necessary works, commission and certify the system to ensure it is compliant with current British Standards, NIC-EIC, MCS & Building Regulations.

Solar PV Panels

Eco Greenenergy Solutions we have installed over 4000 solar pv installations to customers, providing excellent customer service from start to finish with each individual project. We pride ourselves on offering the very best advice, products and service to ensure that your home installation is both cost effective and great value.

Solar PV installations are maintenance free and are a fantastic investment for your future, allowing you to generate your own green electricity and reducing your carbon footprint.

With ever increasing electricity bills the RPI linked and income tax free feed-in tariff can benefit everyone.

Solar PV Inverters

All our inverters comes with 12 or more years warranty.

We offer the latest inverters to enhance your solar PV system

Battery Storage System

With energy Storage now one of our new products, you can save even more by having a battery Storage system installed on your new Solar PV system or retrofit to your existing system for day and night electric from your Solar PV.

The new Hybrid inverter will control all your energy demand, letting you relax knowing that your in control of the energy usage, and will give you enough electric if theres a power cut to run your lights, computer and other small appliances at the same time.

The online monitoring will let you see all grid activates in real time.

The Hybrid inverter works well with economy7 metering, to store of the grid at cheaper rate to use later.

The amount of energy you stored depends on the size of the solar and battery system in kwh.

The Demond for your battery storage as doubled over the last 6 months.

SolarEdge HD Wave and Optimisations

The SolarEdge HD will let the end user have more control of your solar PV system, with 12 years warranty on the HD Wave inverter and 25 years warranty on the SolarEdge optimisers your system will not be affected by shading and you will see in real time individual panel performance cell by cell.

The SolarEdge HD Wave system will increase system performance up to 25% and gives monthly performance via your online dashboard.

Hot Water Control

The Solar i-boost will let you use surplus energy from your Solar PV system to heat your emersion water , making the solar I-boost one of our best seller.

Electrical and Eco Electric Installations

With over 17 years in the electrical installations for homes and commercial industry, with all your electrical work your safe hands.

Our Eco Electric allowed you to reduce even more by adding, Underfloor heating, electrical Radiators and EV Car charging points to your Eco friendly home or office.

Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions

ChargePoint is leading the transition to electric transportation, so corridors, Homes, work places and cities everywhere thrive with less pollution and noise. We’re building a new fuelling network, so your customers, employees and visitors have a convenient way to charge their cars.

Housing Development

At EGE Solutions we undertake a variety of housing development installations ranging from a single new build property, multiple new build properties to landlords requirements for a large residential scheme of flats.

We can offer extremely competitive install rates for carrying out works to multiple properties each time we visit site or we can allow for extra visits to comply with the building works programme.


We have extensive experience in the education sector having worked on various primary schools, high schools, academies, colleges and universities throughout the uk. Ranging from new builds to refurbishments we can undertake a wide range of installation tailored to each individual requirement.

We also offer a solar PV display screen or monitor for a reception area showing the PV system performance, Co2 saving for the students and visitors.

Commercial & Industrial

As with farm buildings, commercial and industrial roofs are perfect to install larger installations of solar panels.

With commercial electricity costs being a major consideration to most businesses these days, an installation from EGE Solutions can reduce the bills considerably.

Many of our commercial clients are happy to advertise their decision to save on carbon emissions and protect themselves from future fuel inflation, with fashionable renewable solar energy.